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National Foundation for India - Media fellowship - news articles

Jisha Elizabeth Is an Indian Journalist who wrote this investigative articles under the media fellowship of National Foundation for India

Male Trafficking for  prostitution

The human trafficking for male sex workers is spreading its tentacles in the name of tourism in Kerala in an alarming rate. Sex rackets for trapping girls and exporting them to foriegn countries are already well rooted here.  Human trafficking is taking place with the help of airport emigration officers  including Nedumbassery.  Two weeks ago some news reports came on this regards. It is in the backdrop of these issues, the reports on tourism acting as a veil for immoral male trafficking came out. This information is from the investigating report held as a part of the national media fellowship by the Delhi based National Foundation for India. 
In november 2012 , there was a case of a christian priest from Kottayam who runs a five star female brothal in Italy. In the same manner, Young men of kerala are transfered abroad by the foriegn tourists in the name of tourism and world tour. They are being driven into the blue film markets and Cabaret dance bars . The level of male trafficking reaches its peak in tourist season from january to march. 

Majority of boys are sent to Italy, portugal, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Australia and Thailand. And they are trained to act as male escorts for female tourists. In thiruvananthapuram and Kochi, these male escorts wear the gown of travel guides. The main chain operators in all these cases are foriegn tourists. They book men using the online booking facility by the male escort agencies and escort them at the home stays. The male escorting is widely popular in beach resorts and notorious homestays in the state. There is deep rooted rackets to supply them as well. 
ഫേസ് ബുക്കിലേക്കൊരു ലിങ്ക് 
The unemployed and educated men are the main victims who fall into these traps. The offer of high income lures these desperate men in the first stage. later, when the essential photos and videos are in hand, the agencies black mail them to contine this business and starts bargaining. With the fear of collapsing his image in family and society, The victims are forced to reach in time where the agencies demand. high demand of the  'made in Kerala' blue films with indian male in internet and you tube leads agencies to search the keralite young men. Do you believe these men are taken to women clubs where male stripping dance takes place just like Cabaret !!!  Most of them are subjected to brutal torturing and stabbing and finally ends up with any sexual disease.Kerala state home ministry has ordered for a detailed investigation on the human trafficking in three international airports and into the role of emigration agents in the event. It was a month ago, the information about the less literate boys transported to Italy by another christian priest in the name of global education conference were published by the newspapers. American consulate also has started an investigation in this case. There was news regarding the role of top officials in the issue and thus the investigation is standstill. The intelligence commissioner's report to the Home Ministry suggests an enquiry against all the emigration agents worked in Nedumbassery airport from 2006 to 2011. Civil Police Officer, P A Ajeeb who surrendered in front of the investigation team told that 80 officials including two Superintendents of police and four DYSPs have clear role in the human trafficking case. Crime branch is also investigating the case of illegal trafficking of the workers from other states to canada. the agents charged 8 lakhs per person, report says. As per law, the workers from other states have to submit their passports and identity certificates in front of the SPs and DYSPs to fly abroad. So, it is clear that these top police officers are also part of the game. 
Majority victims amoung the other state workers are from Karnataka and maharashtra. The accused emigration agents worked in a joint venture with a hotel in Ankamaly. Crime branch is also planning to take up the case of priest  Jaison Kollannoor, founder of Shadwell foundation in Kochi and Kerala Catholic Youth Movement leader, who trafficked the men to America.  There are some findings on the role of emigration agents in this case too.  Among them, some were doubted to be terrorists as well. The Crime branch hope to get more solid proofs when the investigation report gets submitted.

Jisha Elizabeth ( Writer is a fellow of National Foundation for India, New Delhi)

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