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Female Rapists



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Reports of the Juvenile squad, the Police and the Mental health practitioners reveals the stunning fact that females assaulting the men and boys for their sexual needs are increasing in the country. Unfortunately, the loopholes in the Indian penal code and social prejudices are preventing the male victims from disclosing the cruel sexual exploitations and registering a case, the authorities said. The female culprits and their relatives even dare to threaten the Police if the case is registered.
It is in the backdrop of these trends, that the first sexual abuse case where a female as the accused and a boy as the victim has been registered last week in Kerala. This is definitely a positive move in refining the female centered abuse laws and registering cases without any gender disparities. 40 years old Shahida, mother of three, residing in  Thathappilly . Kaanjirapparambu house in North Paravur, Ernakulam District of Kerala is remanded in custody for abusing a 12 year old boy.

According to the Indian Penal Code, females cannot rape men. So, the sexual abuse cases in which female is a culprit becomes null and void in India. Shahida is arrested for charging Unnatural sexual offenses mentioned in IPC section 377, criminal intimidation (IPC 506) and misusing children as per the 3-D-7 section of the Protection of children from sexual offenses act 2012.

The boy is hospitalized and according to the medical reports, there is serious swelling and damage to his sexual organ. The district children's welfare forum provides counseling and mental treatment for the depressed victim as well. The boy's parents who are illiterates and coolies, are also badly in need for a mental support and counselling. Juvenile squad officers said that the boy will be under their special observation till the month of March in a Sevana Kendra, in Aluva, Ernakulam district.

The district child welfare committee has also decided to bear all expenses for the studies of boy and his two siblings in the next academic year. The proofs collected with the help of Right to Information act also proves that there are no such other cases as women as accused and the male as victim.  In the above said Paravur case Shahida misused the boy by showing sharp knife and threatened that he will be killed if the news is leaked out. Similarly, many young men and boys are trapped as well as provoked for long periods, the authorities says.

 In turn If  a girl is subjected to a rape, there are well established proceedings and normal ways to register a case as a reference from hospitals, or directly with the Police. Whereas, the loophole in IPC that females cannot rape men, prevents the doctors and police in taking initiative in such cases. Foreign nations like America have made timely amendments in the laws connected to the definition and punishments of rape and sexual abuse. They have explained clearly how a lady could Rape a man and what all punishments should the culprit be sentenced for. At the same time, they are running a rape crisis counselling centers with a group of counselors  to the aid of young men and boys

. The Experts of this Rape crisis counselors strongly argue that a girl or lady could make  errect man,  rape a man forcibly or giving aphrodisiac drugs .The counselors also reminds us about the danger of an abuse cycle, where these victims try to abuse those who are weaker than them, if they get a chance to heal their mental breakdown. This process continues which eventually leads to a wicked society. It is foreseeing danger that the legal experts, and health practitioners are demanding proper amendments in IPC and setting up special treatment- counselling cells for the boy victims. The doctors practicing in Infertility clinics and phone-in counselling centers also certify that the females abusing men incidents are increasing in alarming numbers.

Dr. Pramod (clinical psychologist, sexologist)
There are many cases of men becoming victims of forced sexual activity  ending up in mental depression and psychological problems. We used to bring them up to normal life through a long process of counseling. If the victims are under the age 18 whether boy or girl, they are minor and so incapable of permitting anyone for making sex with them. The punishment and laws should be amended in such a way that protect these minors. The judiciary also should take needed care in handling such issues. The definition of rape and forced sexual abuse also should be redefined.

P. K Radhamani (Circle Inspector, district juvenile squad, Ernakulam)
Reports on abusing boys registered in juvenile squad are increasing day by day. The Paravur case in which a female brutally assaulted a boy is heart breaking. It is true that the 12 year old boy is seriously injured. Boy is under mental and physical treatment. Giving him a proper guideline and hope for a better life is essential to avoid his transformation to an abuser himself.
JISHA ELIZABETH  (The writer is a fellow of the National Foundation for India, New Delhi) 

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